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July 15, 2009

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Look at this gadget! I was shopping the deals at– their weekly sale page– and saw this really nifty gadget!


It’s an Audiovox Digital Message Center! Isn’t it pretty? I love organizers like these. Right now, I have my organizers all over the place– a digital voice recorder in my purse (never leave home without it!), my sticky notes on the desk (and all over everyone else’s, too!), my corkboard by my shelf, calendars, etc etc. My home looks something like an office building… except… messier. My birthday is coming up, this Digital Message Center looks mighty nice! šŸ˜€

It’s really neat– you can stick it on the fridge, or a wall, or have it stand freely. It has a dry-erase board, a spot for Post-It notes, a DIGITAL voice recorder (love that!), a magnetic strip to hold coupons, a digital photo display, and– best of all– a calender that plays voice memos on a specified day!! Very cool. This would make a migghty fine gift, don’t you think? The retail price is usually $140 (gulp), but at it is selling for $35 and free shipping!

Now you understand why I love so much! They have EVERYTHING and the prices are outstanding. Be sure to check their sale page regularly for good deals. They often have big sales on computers and computer accessories.

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