Adding to Our Walkway!

July 16, 2009

Gardening, summer

We FINALLY got a break in the clouds and rain, enabling us to continue building our Secret Garden walkway. So far, we’ve done this in three stages. This year, we busted sod and removed a good-sized portion of the lawn, adding to this garden. And this allowed us to continue our concrete walkway. It’s looking SO beautiful! I love walking over to this area in the cool of the evening, it’s just a lovely spot. The shrubs will eventually grow up and over the arbor and the walkway, giving the entire side yard a “mysterious” and enchanting atmosphere. When this section is finally done, I think I’m going to mail out birth announcements or something, and throw a party!!!

Here are some photos.

We use the Quikrete concrete mould, and plain old Concrete mix. It works so well!

New Pathway 2

New Pathway 3

New Pathway 5

New Pathway 4

This was all last week. The concrete has now dried to nice white color, matching the rest of the walk. We will eventually build this walkway (and the garden) to fill up this entire area of the lawn, leading up to our garage area at the back of the house.

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3 Responses to “Adding to Our Walkway!”

  1. Stacie Says:

    The walk way looks really nice.

  2. Mizé Says:

    Thanks for your comment in my NetSource blog. It´s very sweet of you. I believe God will guide my way and it feels great to know that in my job I´m helping others in some way.
    Your garden looks so good now! I remember it was covered with snow, it doesn´t look the same place 🙂
    Good Friday to all, Hugs.

  3. tahtimbo Says:

    That looks really great! I think I’ll just hire you to do our area next year. I like the idea of the concrete walkway; a great alternative to flagstone.