The Stink of Buying Ink

June 20, 2009

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We homeschool, so it goes without saying that we use our computers a lot, and we print a lot of documents. HOLY COW what IS IT with printer manufacturers and their outrageous cost of ink?? It’s evil! A printer may be $40 or so, but then the cost of ONE box of ink is $50!!! I bought a very nice Canon Pixma All-in-One a few months ago (it was a clearance model, what a steal!). I have already paid 6x the cost of the printer JUST to load it with ink four times. That’s ridiculous, really ridiculous.

The Big Box stores are (so it seems) in cahoots with each other. I mean, shall I pay $60 for a set of cartridges, or $58.99 for a set of cartridges? :-p The selection is just stunning.

Weeeellll… seeing as I have to buy the ink (we just can’t print without it!), I’ve been shopping and shopping around for the best deals. The best price I have found is– you guessed it– They have the printer ink I need for just under $43 (with free shipping). It’s STILL a lot of money for a month’s worth of printing jobs… but every single penny counts, and has the best deals around!

I do love I’ve gotten various electronics and accessories for my camera from them, and after seeing their prices on everyay stuff (vacuum cleaner parts, cookware, small and large appliances, tools, and health and beauty aids), I’m definitely a devoted shopper. has free shipping on a lot of stuff, charges no sales tax for me (in NY), and has superior customer service. Plus, the prices are GREAT! has a weekly sale page and it’s worth checking out every week. And they offer daily deals as well as the general, everyday savings.

It’s worth going to for your stuff– big stuff or small stuff or stuff inbetween. Check them out! I love!

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One Response to “The Stink of Buying Ink”

  1. Oscar Gecko Says:

    For a couple years, I worked in the IT department for a small company. We typically purchased printers by specifications such as color/black and white, pages per minute and so on.

    Since the, I learned a valuable lesson… Buy your printer based upon the cost of the ink. Yes, it can be expensive, but it does not have to be. You can save a bundle of money by using a little thought.

    Here is a bit on one time I bought a printer. It was a simple printer. First thing I did was walk over to the ink isle at my chosen store. I picked out the cheapest ink on the shelf.

    Next, walk over and find a printer that meets my needs and uses that same ink package. Whether your needs be resolution, or pages per minute, pick one out with your ink choice. Bingo, you got a deal.

    I did this one time… My black ink was under or about $10 per cartridge and color was about or under $15… Who needs to mess with those “ink refill” products with prices like those. To top it off, the printer was on clearance and under $60.

    That was less than five years ago. I bought one this past Christmas to replace that one.. It was an all-in-one. It was on sale for about $65. The ink cost slightly more, but I am happy every time I have to buy ink.. because I know what it could be. šŸ™‚