Gobs of Gorgeous Gadgets!

May 29, 2009

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OMG!! I found a really cool gadget website– specifically, a site with some extraordinary Alessi-design gadgets. Totally cool! Look at this floss holder! I think I love it!


Here’s a banana boat Salt & Pepper shaker set! I absolutely love this! I want one! I love quirky things like this.


And this is just beautiful– it’s another Salt & Pepper shaker, as birds of paradise. This wouldn’t last too long on my crazy dinner table (where dishes and food are frequently flying around), but it would make a really unique gift. Love it!


This, my dear friends, is a toilet brush! LOL!!!


And here’s a bird of paradise milk jug– wow!


You can see loads and loads more creative stuff at the website– the Alessi line is really neat- very unique stuff. I saw a cute bird soy sauce container, pepper mills, pencil sharpeners, etc. All very quality stuff sold at the prestigious Lumens.com website. The wall sconces there are really nice– if you’re looking for classy lighting fixtures, check them out. I’m shopping around for some fixtures and the stuff there caught my eye. They also have clocks, all sorts of lamps, lights, doorbells, and ceiling fans, and more. A GREAT site!

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  1. Your Daily Cute Says:

    These are all so cute!