For the Bird Watchers

May 15, 2009

Home News

Well, for the FIRST time, we have cardinals nesting in the shrubs this year; they are my favorite songbirds, and I am flipping over their presence here. They are nesting in some honeysuckle shrubs near the front yard (the Orioles love those shrubs, too– I have GOT to plant more of them, looks like!). My sons are avid bird-watchers, and I guess I have officially caught the bird-watching bug. We have set up some very nice feeders and have a great view of the bird activities outside our living room windows, where we do our work during the day. I can hear their sweet songs and see them flutter all around us through the windows.

Got birds? Got a bird-lover in the family? Here’s a little bug in your ear– some gorgeous Nikon binoculars on sale right now– they’d make a great Father’s Day gift for the dad, I think! They are on sale for $60 (that’s $90 off retail price) at Yes, my teeth fell out when I saw that, too! I found them while shopping the sale page that they have every week. Nikon is a premier brand, and the price is just phenomenal! And the shipping is free, too.

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