Victory Gardens are “In” Again

April 17, 2009


As much as I hate to call gardens a “trend” (I think they should be more a “lifestyle”), the Victory Garden of the 1940s is having a comeback. The nice thing about dirt is that it’s everywhere. šŸ˜€ And where’s dirt, there can be a garden!

Some call them “recession gardens.”

Others label them revivals of the Victory Gardens, an early 1940s campaign that helped people put more food on the table during hard economic times.

Whatever the label, one fact is known _ people are growing more of their own vegetables this year.

Seed specialists like Burpee report vegetable seed sales are up 25 to 30 percent, and local garden centers support that claim.

Seeds can be an economic way to begin a garden but National Gardening Association experts advise gardeners to be realistic about their expectations. A $70 investment in a garden yields about $600 in produce for the year _ not thousands like some seed companies claim.

Gardening is a lot of work, don’t be fooled. But it is WORTH it. And it has many more benefits than eating fresh veggies. It teaches science and botany to the kids, it gets everyone out and exercising, it saves money, there are fewer chemicals and toxins placed in the ground, and eating veggies is much more slimming than ingesting those weight loss pills.

I have my “seed stash” all set this year. I bought extra seeds, too, for emergency planting if necessary. I just don’t trust the government or the food supply (those nasty CAFOs) anymore. I’m a long way off having a bomb shelter, but I really believe we need to prepare for the worst (at any time, really), and it’s high time to get off relying on the government and their Big Business Buddies for our food and basic needs.

My Seed Stash

Another thing to think of is that gardens and local food supplies can benefit the entire community– you can always trade your freshly-grown cantaloupe with your neighbor, for his eggs from his chickens, or your other neighbor’s apples from their fruit trees.

I can’t see anything but good that can come with independent gardening: good for the gardeners, good for the community, good for the nation!

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One Response to “Victory Gardens are “In” Again”

  1. Kathryn Sanfilippo Says:

    I was just reading about Rebecca’s French drain she had placed on her property and her home is 50 years older but the home we have looked at needs a french drain that is made as a long pipe with grate whole on the top of the pipe, I saw this on Victory Garden show or someone in the same field and can not locate the product. Can you refer me to a catolog so I may order one. The home that we are trying to by this for is in Downtown PHX. Az. and they may not have these here and the garden we have in another town may also need one.