Great Home Videos from CNY Open House

April 9, 2009

Home News

I discovered a great YouTube page, stocked with videos, from a local organization, CNY Open House. It’s a local home improvement TV show here in Central New York (CNY), but since I don’t have TV, I have never seen the programs. So the website of videos showing clips of the TV shows is a great resource for me. I especially liked this video, showing the basic in’s and out’s of waterproofing a basement.

We have a LOT of water here in Central New York, because this area is the lowest geographic point in the state– one great big valley between the Adirondacks and Allegheny/Catskills. I have suffered flooding on my property for years. I found this video to be very enlightening.

The stuff at the CNY website isn’t just for New Yorkers– you folks in other states may glean a lot of good information and learn some new techniques. I suggest you check it out! I know that I’ll be busy for the rest of the afternoon, watching all the videos!

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