Find the Kitty 2

April 18, 2009

Find the Kitty

If you missed my other post called Find the Kitty, click the link. Every once in a while, my little Tabby Point Siamese kitten finds a little hiding place in our house. I think it’s so cute, so I snap photos. Then I blog about it, making you suffer, too. Hehehe! Well, she IS a very cute kitty. So it’s not too painful enduring another cat post. It’s better than hearing another commercial for top rated auto insurance, though!

Without further adieu, Find the Kitty.

Find the Kitty 2

Yeah, well, she made it easy on us this time.

I bought her a little kitty cube to hide in when company comes (Siamese are notoriously one-family critters). She never really used it much until I tucked it under my work desk, where I sit most of the day, working (I’m a WAHM). Now, she loves it. She’s still my baby… gotta be close to the mommy, I guess.

Oops, she’s waking up. She’s very familiar with the sound of the camera shutter.

Livvy Out of Cube 1

Streeeetch. Look at those claws. Imagine our agony…

Livvy Out of Cube 2

She crawled out and plopped onto the carpet. Isn’t she purdy??

Livvy Relaxing

Tabby Point Siamese are gorgeous cats, and they have the best of both breeds– they’re pretty like the Tabby, and elegant and sleek and personable like the Siamese. I love this baby to bits. She talks to us, too. I have got to compile a video of it, it’s hilarious!

OK, so there’s the cat post! šŸ˜‰

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7 Responses to “Find the Kitty 2”

  1. Lin Says:

    That is a pretty cat! We play “find the kitty” at our house, except Hobbes rats himself out. When you call out “Where’s the kitty?” he actually answers from wherever he is. I’ve never had a cat do that. It’s nice though–you never have to wonder!

  2. EntrePOD Says:

    Awwww…… isn’t she purrrrrr-fect !

  3. Suburban Survivalist Says:

    Very pretty kitty. I had one that looked very similar, and had some siamese blood (but only a little). Over the years, he has become darker and darker, which is even prettier!

  4. akaGaGa Says:

    Every time I see new pictures of Livvy, I think, “Gee, I miss having a cat. We should get another one.” LIKE I NEED SOMETHING ELSE TO DO RIGHT NOW!!!

    • Mrs. Mecomber Says:

      She is such a pretty kitty, and so well-behaved. I love love love her!!

      Jean: why is it when I read your comments, it’s like I’m reading myself talking back to me?!??!! Is it something about Upstate NY humor??? LOL! Your comment made me bust laughing.

  5. Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" Says:

    I like cat posts myself. I know, I’ve heard to have a good blog I should avoid posts about my cats but it’s my blog and I’ll post about my cats if I want to. I like to see other cat posts too. Your cat is gorgeous, never saw one quite like it before. I believe location is important to cats. Looks like you found the right location for the kitty cube now!

  6. Grandma Betty Says:

    My grand daughters and i really enjoyed these pictures! Thanks so much.