Dude Direction

April 9, 2009


AKA, “Tips For Guys.” Especially when it comes to jewelry. Guys, don’t just grope in the dark, finding fine frippery for your female. (hee hee, that was fun, typing that). Seriously, there’s a very nice website that just doesn’t throw expensive rings in your face– they give you advice on finding that perfect gem for your gal– BellaTrue.com. Look for the Tips for Guys section. They have a very enlightening (and very sweet) collection of short articles on what to get, when to get, how to get, and the best times to get those special keepsakes for your woman. I really liked the Anniversary Guide (OMG I’m coming up on the Yellow Diamond, Emerald year!!!). The What to Give, When article is so nice, too!

“Cultivate the power of the small gesture,” it says.
Isn’t that dreamy??

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One Response to “Dude Direction”

  1. Laura-Whateverebay Says:

    This is a good site to have handy. I will also pass it along to my friends. Its always a good way to send subtle hints šŸ™‚