I *Think* Spring May Be Here!

March 26, 2009

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Here in Upstate New York, we view March with a wary eye. ANYTHING can happen in March in the Northeast. A few years ago, we had a freak snowstorm that dumped a few feet on us. And we’ve seen 80 degree weather in March, too. So I’m still guarded about announcing that spring is officially here for March. But all the snow is gone (which is great).

Less than two months ago, the backyard looked like this:

On the Snow Mountain

Now it is this:

No Snow

The weather has been really nice– cool, but sunny, until today (now it’s overcast skies with rain expected). And usually, March is a soggy month; but it’s been drier than usual so far this year (no complaints from me!). Still, the melted snow has left great gobs of mud and sludge in areas. It’s really too early to pack up the winter coats and boots, too early to break out the t-shirts and Walking Boots. March is the month full of surprises.

Nothing is really green yet. And I have a ton of work to do. Last autumn, I did rake my garden beds of the billions of leaves that fell in our yard! But either they returned or new ones took their places. My yard is a leaf magnet, I tell ya.

Garden Rock

See? Here’s the evidence– we compost a lot of our leaves (not all). That’s about 10 cubic yards of compressed leaves there. And the town leaf patrol probably hauled off 30x that.

Leaf Compost

For some reason, the old wood pile looked like it needed a photo taken. We don’t have a woodstove, but the kids like to chop the wood from our felled trees. I do wish we had a woodstove, though.

Chopped Wood

I haven’t ordered any seeds for the growing season yet. I am so behind, it’s crazy! Usually I have everything assembled by the end of February. I have been visiting gardening blogs, and some folks have sprouted seedlings already! :S

I’m looking forward to being outdoors again, though. Campfires in the firepit… star-gazing… smelling the lilacs again… winter is worth it, just for the delights that spring gives.

How is your gardening coming along? Is spring weather more advanced where you are?

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4 Responses to “I *Think* Spring May Be Here!”

  1. chilly Says:

    HEEEEEEY…… No fun!!
    Alright now, you got your pictures taken…… Now put all the snow back! 😛

    Hi There! You guys have a great weekend! :-))
    How’s what garden coming along?? That’s to much like work. 😉 lol

  2. Mizé Says:

    Hi. Spring arrived here too.
    I´m so happy about it! I already puted away winter wool clothes and now our clock time changed for summer. Can´t wait for a good beach day 🙂
    Good week 🙂

  3. Anne Says:

    Yes, you should get a woodstove! with all this wood you have… and don’t worry, spring will come soon, april’s so close and may should be snowless! (although i know from my friends in pennsylvania that it might snow once or twice in may too…) but heads up, i can see some green in your garden! 🙂

  4. Thrifty Momma Says:

    I wished we had a woodstove as well. Of course we have very mild winters here so it wouldn’t get used very much.

    We get spring weather in February so I won’t tell you that I already planted my tomatoes and cucumbers in the garden. They are doing very well. I even took a chance by just direct seeding some Roma tomato plants and they are coming up. I did have to pinch off a couple this past weekend. I’m excited to see how well they do. My blackberry bushes are multiplying like rabbits. I have lots of new sprouts this year which I wasn’t expecting since I only planted one bush last year. I love the new life and love berries. I love spring weather and getting outside more. I already have tons of honey bees flying around my clover.