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Snow Machine Vehicle

February 12, 2009

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This snow machine vehicle, a hybrid of a tractor, automobile, and steam-roller, designed in 1924, is fantastic! I want one! I think we could use some of these in Upstate New York!

Armstead Snow Motors from Seeking Michigan on Vimeo.

From the site:

In January 1926, Time magazine reported: “Having used the motor car for almost every other conceivable purpose, leading Detroit automobile makers have now organized a company entitled “Snow Motors Inc.,” to put out a machine which will negotiate the deepest snowdrifts at six to eight miles an hour. The new car will consist of a Ford tractor power-plant mounted on two revolving cylinders instead of wheels—something on the order of a steam roller.

The auto performance parts for this monster must have been easy to find- just grab parts from your old John Deere or something! As neat as this is, the snowmobile became the snow vehicle of choice, didn’t it? Although I don’t think snowmobiles are nearly as cool as this snow vehicle. And the guy makes it look so easy to manuever!

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What Your House Looks Like

February 10, 2009


I found this at Kewl Stuff I Found. So funny, and SO true!!

This is what your house looks like….

…to you:


…to your buyer:


…to your lender:


…to your appraiser:


…to your county tax assessor:


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One O’ Dem Dere Days…

February 3, 2009



You know it’s going to be “one of those days” when you’re on the phone, making a VERY IMPORTANT phone call looking for employment, and the cat decides to choose THIS moment and THIS room to hack up her hairball. Yep.

So I’m on the phone, exchanging pleasantries with the secretary, and Livvy saunters in. Suddenly and without warning, she starts that HORRID retching sound. I’m trying to remain cool on the phone, but am franctically signalling for my son to GET THAT CAT OUTTA THE ROOM. His eyes grow big as he realizes what’s going on, then starts calling loudly, “Livvy! LIVVY! You got a hairball? Come here!! Come on!”


I finish the call and hang up the phone and all is quiet. Preoccupied, I call the next telephone number in my list. Lo and behold, the cat walks back into the room and STARTS UP again! GAH!

And I don’t know if it is the bizarreness (is that a word?) of the moment, but my cockatiel then starts a huge commotion, squeaking and clacking in his cage…. ????

I’m doomed to be unemployed… the animals are against me….

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Go Retro

February 2, 2009


I found this very cool photo site devoted entirely to houses of old: 50s Pam’s Photosets on Flickr. This one startled me, because it looks something like my kitchen here… well, before the cabinet doors fell off and the drop ceiling came down… and before the orange laminate countertops warped from age (yes, we really need a new kitchen!).

Retro Kitchens

Pam has loads and loads of really neat photos, not just kitchens! There are photos of older houses, old promotional items, vintage appliances, old advertisements, and more. It’s a fun (sometimes scary) trip down memory lane.

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