My Kitten Update

February 20, 2009


The other day, I realized I haven’t had a kitten update in quite some time. The horror! I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting like this! πŸ˜€ After all, she is the cutest little kitty in the whole wide world! How can I neglect her adoring fans like I have!

Livvy is now 7 months old. She was spayed…. kind of. She had the operation, but… the vets found nothing inside. WEIRD. I’m still not sure if the problems is with Livvy’s innards or with the vet’s eptitude. Time will tell.

Anyway, Livvy is just like us, like one of the family. She “talks” to us, too. When we discuss things with her, she makes little meows and close-mouthed “pulses” of kitty sounds, as if she were responding. It’s absolutely adorable. I haven’t had a chance to try to capture it on video yet.

When we are cleaning the house, she is cleaning the house. (She especially likes sweeping the floor– when we are using the broom to gather all the dirt, she gladly comes charging in to scatter it all over the floor again!). And, she likes “helping out” with the laundry.


It’s been said that “if only cats had thumbs” they could do things. Don’t believe it. Livvy has thumbs, and all she wants to do is fool around! She has never folded an article of laundry YET. However, she enjoys it when we throw wet clothes into the dryer. She hops in the dryer and stomps the clothes down.


And she also has great affinity for schoolwork. Here she is, attempting to help the kids with their lessons.


Being so young, she’s still attached to her “blanky.” We’re hoping to wean her off it soon. She’ll never get one of those high-end investment banker jobs while carrying around a blanky, no matter how hard she studies.



And of course, when we konk out at the end of the day, Livvy does, too.

Warm N Cozy

So there’s your Livvy fix. πŸ˜‰ More to come!

P.S. Isn’t she the MOST ADORABLE thing you’ve ever seen?!?!??!?!? πŸ˜€

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17 Responses to “My Kitten Update”

  1. akaGaGa Says:

    She absolutely is. Just so you know, I think doing homework is a Siamese trait. My mother had one when I was a teenager, and he always helped me. He was particularly good at batting the upper end of a pen when I was writing. And he liked to helped me read, too, by laying smack in the middle of the book.

    Cats are such fun.

  2. Cricket Says:

    Ohhhh, she is too precious!! πŸ˜€

  3. Lynne Says:

    OMG! She is so cute and quite the busy gal!

  4. Carole Says:

    Oh she IS so adorable! I especially like the pics of her under the blanket on your son’s lap with her paw out. When our cat Q-ee does something like that we say, “Watch out! It’s the white paw of death!” I also like the pics of Livvy “helping” with the laundry. I have always had a secret fear that I am going to close one of my cats in the dryer and, well, dry them to death, so I don’t let them “help”. I should put them to work more like Livvy! πŸ˜€

  5. Daisy the Curly Cat Says:

    Livvy is getting cuter and cuter!

    I also prefer fooling around to doing any actual work. It is much funnerer.

  6. MizΓ© Says:

    Yes, she is.
    ItΒ΄s nice to see a livy update.
    The pictures are great, specially the last one, which is so funny πŸ™‚
    Returning EC drops and passing by to wish you a good weekend πŸ™‚

  7. Pam Says:

    She is absolutely the cutest kitty I’ve ever seen!!

  8. Sue Says:

    Be careful in the dryer! I know of some bad incidents with cats and dryers!

  9. jacqueline Says:

    I love Livvy πŸ™‚ She is so cute and what a helper! I know what you mean about being part of the family, my 2 cats are a big part of what makes my house a home. Fortunately, so far they’ve never hopped in the dryer, but I always check to make sure no one is in there before I shut the door!!

  10. blueyes Says:

    Adorable. I’m so itching to get another cat and ready since my last one passed but i keep holding myself to that 2 pet rule which I refuse to break lol

  11. Kamikaze Goldfish Says:

    OMG she’s so friggin cute!! It just makes me want to wrap her in that blankie and squee her!! Yeah, no kidding about the dryer though, I’m a nurse and one of my patients was contacted last week by a hysterical daughter who accidentally turned the dryer on with a the family cat inside. Poor kitty had some pretty severe injuries, but she eventually recovered just fine.

  12. Cam Says:

    OMG! Hello again, I swear its me, you know, the soy sauce and paper towel experiment! I really wanted to note how adorable your kitty is! Well, my mom won’t let us get a cat (not a cat person…doesn’t do too well at PETCO!). Dogs are her thing. Anyway, I really think the pictures of your kitty is adorable! I so enjoy replying to your (still) nicely worded) essay-type blogs! That paper towel thing really helped me in 6th grade science!
    Can’t Wait For Your Next Blog,
    Cam (real name: Cameron)
    p.s. Love the armchair you cat is sitting in! Lovely pattern and colors!

  13. Mrs. Mecomber Says:

    Thanks for your comments!! Yes, we usually close the door to the laundry room which keeps Livvy out. But when we go in, she usually tags along.

    Hi Cam! I’m glad you liked that Paper Towel Experiment. Thanks for your comments. I hope your mom sees the light some day and realizes how so much superior cats are to dogs, heh heh!!! πŸ˜‰

    • Sheri Says:

      Hi: I came across your post regarding your kitty being born without internal reproductive organs. Well, I found out that mine was also born without them. She was a country kitty when we were lucky enough to have her. My son gave her to me when he had to move. I’ve been around many cats in my life and I knew she was special. So docile, cuddly and makes a little talking sound when I talk to her. She can nearly shake the house with her purring! We have a cat fence installed around the entire perimeter of our yard, attached to the wooden fence. She is not able to get out of our back yard. She’s chipped and wears a breakaway collar. One evening she came in the doggie door with her tail fluffed out, looking very scared. I picked her up and found out that she had been sprayed by a stray who jumped over into our yard. She later became a little pudgy so I took her to the vet who xrayed her and found no babies. He checked for scars of a previous spay; none. He opened her up and found no ovaries or uterus and no testes hiding anywhere. He said that he had heard of this but had never seen it. She is healthy. He removed some of the fatty tissue which came back with no signs of cancer. I hope and pray that she lives a long life. I have never ever seen such a calm and cuddly cat.