Follow Up on the GE Upright Vacuum

February 23, 2009


GE Vacuum fail

Another vacuum bites the dust. :-p

We got this machine in October, and have been trying to endure it since then. We’ve resisted the urge to throw it out the window… but have come pretty close a few times. I wish vacuum manufacturers would realize that we consumers don’t want a vacuum with the latest doo-dad, fancy accoutrement, microchip and hard drives that remember our last vacuum session, etc!!! I just want a vacuum that VACUUMS! Simple enough?! Gah!

I bought this particular GE vac because it is lightweight, has a powerful motor, and is bagless. The vacuum directions say to replace the little filter once a month ($10 per filter). But the filters on this thing are teeny-tiny– the size of an index card. And my old house is very dusty (we have a bird and the walls are the original plaster). So guess how frequently I have to replace the filter? ONCE A WEEK. Yes you read that right. ONCE a week. If I don’t, the vacuum will not pick anything up. I’ve had it! Forget it! No more of this.

Anyway, I think I’m going back to bagged vacuum cleaners. My experiments with the filter/bagless models have all failed, and the filters are costing me a fortune. It’s like printer ink– the printers are inexpensive cheapos, but the manufacturers getcha with the cost of the ink. Grrrr.

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7 Responses to “Follow Up on the GE Upright Vacuum”

  1. Karen Says:

    Good to know. I think if I ever have to buy a vacuum again it will be a Hoover. My Dyson was way too expensive. We have to use the air gun to blow the holes of the filter out.

  2. Sinclair Says:

    Well, I am a fan of the bag vacuum, and have never tried bagless, but I do have an air purifier with a filter that requires refills, and we just wash it and air it dry and reuse. Is the filter paper, or is it some other material that you might be able to wash? Thanks for the info…I will avoid this vac.

  3. Carole Says:

    My vacuum cleaner is a 14 year old Hoover upright that takes bags. It still sucks pretty good for how old it is. I dread when it breaks because the appliances of today seem to be of such poor quality and don’t last, I’m bound to be unhappy with whatever I get I fear.

  4. Mrs. Mecomber Says:

    Karen: Yeah, I’ve heard good things about Dyson, but they are beyond my budget range right now.

    Sinclair: I have used bagged all my life until a few years ago. I am disappointed in the bagless vacs. It is filter paper, not the kind you can rinse off. I suppose the vacuum manufacturers purposely made it so we couldn’t reuse them? Like I said, it’s the same with the ink cartridges. And filters are right around $10 to $25. That’s robbery for a piece of crimped paper.

    Carole: I had a Hoover for EONS, too. It was given to me by someone who had used it for EONS. After that died, I got another “modern” Hoover, and it was awful. I guess since productions moved to China, we’ve seen this noticeable difference in quality. It’s a crying shame.

  5. Staci Says:

    I saw on some commercial or program once that, when you dump the dirt and dust out of the bagless vacuums, you get a ton of dust that goes into the air. It was one of those deals where they used like an infrared light or something to show the particles that floated up from the trash can. You might do better to go back to bagless.

    I have a Kirby myself. It still works fine 5 years after I bought it, and with my house for sale I use it several times a week. Before the Kirby, I went through a vacuum about once a year. However, I really wouldn’t recommend them because they’re way too expensive in this economy. (I was stupid and let one of those door-to-door salesmen talk me into it years ago.) Plus, you can only buy the bags from an authorized Kirby resaler. They don’t have them at Walmart or Target like other vacuum brands. However, I do know people who have Kirby vacuums that are 20 years old and are still going strong.

  6. Lena Says:

    I just returned mine at Walmart. This vacuum sucked!


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