No More Chances

January 31, 2009


Well. I guess we’re not getting our January Thaw.


Here’s hoping for an early spring. Usually we get a reprieve of winter’s gloom and cold about the last week of January. No such thing this year. It was a freezing cold January, up until the bitter end. We got up to a whopping 12 degrees F today. :-p Even my kitten was cold. Isn’t she adorable? She’s learned to sleep under blankets.

Too Cold for Livvy

And look. My poor, poor, neglected lawn chairs. 🙁 The kids left them out this year. *gasp* They look so forlorn and miserable under the snow.

Snowy Lawn Chairs

Even the house is cold. See? It’s crying. Well, frozen tears.

Icicle on Eaves

But the best thing about this weather are the GIGANTIC snow mountains! Look at the size of the snow banks!

On the Snow Mountain

On the Snow Mountain 2

So not all is bad. But I’m still eagerly awaiting spring and sunshine and GREEN things again.

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2 Responses to “No More Chances”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You make winter look so inviting! I can’t believe it’s only Feb 1st. Feels like we’ve gone through an entire winter already and we have such a long way to go yet. Love the kitty picture. One of my cats, Lucky, loves to burrow under blankets, even in summer. He’s a goof ball. We don’t know how he can breathe under there!

  2. Mizé Says:

    She´s so adorable under the blankets. Although they have fur they can be cold too. Atos has a flu now, he also likes being under the blankets 🙂
    Good Monday!