Heat Wave Coming!

January 18, 2009

Gardening, winter

Woooohooooo! Can you believe it?!


What is it with getting older? I used to actually like the colder temperatures; not since I hit my late 30s. And for about two weeks (the same two weeks we have all been sick, coincidentally), the temperatures have held with what our weathermen like to call an “ARCTIC BLAST.” Hoh hoh, I could wipe those smirks right off their faces when they say that! šŸ˜‰

Anyway, I’m tired of winter early this year. I’m tired of frozen feet and tired of packing on layer upon layer of outdoor clothing (not to mention indoor clothing), and I’m tired of the animals’ complaints (we had to bring them all inside because it was so cold, and they just hate it– they get stir-crazy. So do I!). I’m tired of the bland, colorless trees and yard. Boo hoo, poor me, huh? lol

Well, I think we’ve now had enough snow and more than enough frigid temperatures to kill off the insect eggs nesting under our lawns (I hope, anyway). That’s the only silver lining about these freezing spells, it kills the bugs. The lowest temperatures so far this winter were -15 Fahrenheit, without factoring in the wind chill. The air was is so dry that our head hair stands up on end (literally). I electrocute everything I touch, especially my furry kitten, poor baby. And I have an aluminum Apple keyboard for my computer, and so, well, that isn’t pretty. But the cold drafts are the real killers. I have a 150-year old house, remember. When we open the kitchen drawers and cabinets, polar air blasts in, from all the old holes in the plaster behind the cabinets. We have to remember NOT to have wet hands when we reach for the metal silverware, I’ll tell you that much! lol

Arbor2 Portrait in White

So the winter blahs came early this year. I am looking forward to plunging my warm and not-chapped hands into the soft brown earth again, coaxing my little flowers from the soil. I’m looking forward to bright, warm sunshine, to cookouts, to campfires, to laying on the dewy grass at night and seeing the brilliant stars. Ahhh. Winter does have its own beauty, yes. But winter has a wart on its nose this year. I am ready for sunshine and GREEN STUFF again!!

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