Dreamhomes for Sale

January 21, 2009


Am I an eternal optimist? I keep entering sweepstakes to win my dreamhome.

By the way, my definition of dreamhome: electricity in all the rooms; plumbing that WORKS; no leaks; new kitchen; nice floors. I guess I’m pretty easy to please, huh? 😀

I know the odds of me winning those sweepstakes is next to nil. I’m not counting on winning them, though. I’m just hoping! 😀 But I know I can’t wait forever to get one. I’m working on the house I have. I’ll be happy to have a new kitchen! But if you’re making plans for your dreamhome, check out one of the top-notch crafters of dreamhomes in Louisiana: Schumacher Homes. I’ll bet they are seeing a lot of business, rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina! Schumacher builds homes all across the United States, not just Louisiana. Look them up when you are ready to build. Then YOU can stop entering those sweepstakes and give me more of a chance to win! 😉


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