Visibility: ZERO

December 22, 2008

weather woes, winter

Snow, snow, snow. After a fast of snow for November and early December, it’s come strong and sudden. Winter storm alerts are popping up everywhere. Last Wednesday we were hit (5 inches+), then Sunday (5+), and now, today (6-8 iches expected). And guess what? We’ve got more up and coming for Wednesday (sleet! yuk!) and Friday.

I looked out my window about a half-hour ago, and saw this unwelcome site:

Backyard Snow2

Backyard Snow1



When I went on the front porch to take photos, I couldn’t see past 50 yards. Driving is terrible. It’s 15 degrees F here right now, but the wind is whipping around so the wind chill is about 25-below-zero. BRRRR!

The mailmen are out in this today. 🙁 They are always getting stuck in the snow. Please be sure to shovel out your mailboxes, eh?

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2 Responses to “Visibility: ZERO”

  1. The Hawg! Says:

    After looking at those, I love Arkansas even more.

    Y’all will get a white Christmas, at least. That’s not all bad…


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