Snowy Days and Wednesdays

December 31, 2008


We had a freaky, surprise snowstorm this morning (the third consecutive storm on a Wednesday). It was unexpected (well, that just means we didn’t know it was coming until forecasters started chattering about it on Monday). Usually we have a good four to five days before we know a “big one” is on the way. I think this caught everyone by surprise. I remember hearing 1-2 inches on Monday’s forecast, then by Tuesday afternoon it magically became 6-8 inches!

I got up extremely early- 4:30am. Just couldn’t get back to sleep. So as the daylight appeared, I went out to snap a few photos.

Snow in Front Yard

House Front Snow

I like snowy mornings. Everything is so hushed. The street lights cast a warm, mellow glow on the streets, and even though it’s cold outside, you really don’t notice the chill. I wish my camera could have captured the scene. It was beautiful, with great big wet snowflakes spraying down, and illuminated by the  golden-yellow street lamps. And not a sound in the air except the very faint whirring of falling snow. Very peaceful.

Those are my yews, sagging sadly with the snow. Poor things. I considered, for a fleeting moment, of diving into the deep snow and shaking them free from their icy burdens, but I realized that to do so, the snow would transfer from them to me. Um. The yews are to be sacrificed for the greater good: me. Heehee.

Covered Yews

This is the view of my arbor, from the back of the yard. I couldn’t get any closer because I didn’t want to trudge through a foot of snow. I’m so lazy at 6:30am! But all that trudging might give me Plantar Fasciitis or something! lol.

Snowy Arbor

So we’re in the house again, today. It’s pretty cold (10 degrees F), probably too cold to shove the kids outside to play (and shovel). We’ll see. Maybe I can bribe them with the prospect of sparkling hot cider and hot chocolate…

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3 Responses to “Snowy Days and Wednesdays”

  1. Lynne Says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful! Too bad it has to be so darn cold!

  2. akaGaGa Says:

    Just checking in. When I saw the title of your post, I had to make sure you weren’t depressed or something … I even started humming a few bars. 🙂

    Great shots. It looks a lot like our place, but I think I’m getting tired of taking snow pictures – and it’s only December!

    FYI, it’s supposed to get down to 10 below tonight … wear your warm nighty!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Mizé Says:

    Woww, so much snow!
    I´m always cold, would freeze there.
    I´d like to wish a Prosperous 2009!