Cat Looking For Head

December 20, 2008

Find the Kitty

Look at these photos. Doesn’t it look like my kitty has lost her head, and she’s looking for it?

Livvy is Hungry

Look a little closer. Doesn’t it look like my cat’s head is printed on the bag? ROFL! She’s looking for her head in the bag of heads! Ahhhh, where did it go?!

Head in Bag

My kitten, Livvy, is growing up to be quite the eater. She eats ALL DAY LONG. She’d better cut down on her intake or pop some diet pill, or else she is going to lose her girlish figure. :-p

I leave dry cat food in her dish throughout the day for her to eat as she pleases, but she’s somehow got it into her “head” that there’s always something better somewhere else. Like in the cat chow bag. lol!

She’s content, eating it out of the bag, so I don’t care. At least she’s no longer following me around all day, mewing in my ears and tangling between my feet, begging for more food. As long as she doesn’t lose her head over it. Get it? Lose her head?! Hahahahahahahaa!

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5 Responses to “Cat Looking For Head”

  1. ToteNTots Says:

    I guess it is better than getting into the hamburger buns!

  2. Hootin' Anni Says:

    LOL…..I love cats. Cats rule.

    Have a wonderful weekend and a terrific, happy, safe and peaceful holiday.

  3. Sniffie and the Florida Furkids Says:

    LOL @ losing her head! We know she is just showing you her great hunting skills….see how easily she found the bag!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Lola Says:

    Maybe she thinks there’s a toy in the bag, like in a box of cereal?

  5. Gandalf and Grayson Says:

    There is something we cats can not resist about our bags of crunchies! hahaha!

    When Gandalf finds the bag of foods before Mom puts it away, he opens it from the bottom with a Big Bitey and a BiG R-r-rip!