A Very Cool Little Tool

December 25, 2008


At DIY Network, they offer cash prizes for everyday folks who have invented cool tools. Some of the tools are indeed very, very cool! This one is one of the best. I couldn’t stop saying “WOW” as I watched the video.

The guy invented a way to twist electrical wires. I wish I had something like ehis last summer, when I wired my living room, upstairs bedroom, and upstairs lights! Oh my gosh, day after day, twisting, twisting, twisting– it’s AGONY. I still hurt, a year later, from all that twisting wire and drilling holes. Every once in a while, my pinched nerve flares up even when doing the simplest things like adjusting the bed frames or sweeping the floor. This tool gets a thumbs up from me!

If you have a cool invention, you can take a video of yourself and upload it to the website. You may find yourself a little richer.

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2 Responses to “A Very Cool Little Tool”

  1. Cinnamon Says:

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!

    Cinnamon Henke
    My Name’s Not “Mom”

  2. The Hawg! Says:

    I avoid mechanical-type stuff like the plague, and even I think that’s pretty cool. I could have used that at least a dozen times in the past…