What I Learned on Thanksgiving Day

November 28, 2008


I hope you who celebrated Thanksgiving Day yesterday had a wonderful day! My holiday was so relaxing, it was GREAT. The day held quite a few learning experiences for me. Most notable was the one with the baking of the Green Bean casserole (the famous one, on the back of the French’s Fried Onions can). Oh, I’ve made this recipe many times before. I don’t think I’ve ever baked it in a disposable aluminum pan, though. This is where my little learning experience comes in.


Melted Lid1


ALWAYS take off the flimsy plastic cover before baking in the oven at 350 degrees.

Oops. Hehehehe.

Melted Lid2

The casserole wasn’t ruined, so I served it.

I ignored the children’s protests that it tasted like plastic grocery bags.
(How would they know what grocery bags taste like, anyway?)

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13 Responses to “What I Learned on Thanksgiving Day”

  1. Handymom Says:

    ROFL!!!! classic

  2. Shinade Says:

    You get extra credit for this one. I am laughing my head off. Don’t feel too bad last year we cooked the Turkey in the pan upside down. We spent the entire cooking time wondering why it wouldn’t brown up.

    Now please keep in mind my daughter and I did this together and we were basting every 30 minutes!!

    We ate the bird too but it just didn’t look or taste exactly the same.

    I hope you have a great week end!!:-)

  3. Lynne Says:

    Oh no! At least it was still edible, that would’ve been very disappointing!

  4. Duni Says:

    Oh dear, oh dear ?
    this reminds me of when I once put a plastic container in the oven thinking it was heat-resistant. It melted. The whole kitchen stank of plastic fumes for days. Urrgh.

  5. kipstreg Says:

    Suggest to the children that the plastic thingy would make a very interesting,and truly unique decoration for the Christmas tree..Amazing what a bit of sparkly paint will do.Waste not,want not.LOL.

  6. Carole Says:

    Ok, am I understanding correctly that that whole entire lid shrunk up like a shrinky dink into that plastic blob? WOW! Glad it didn’t ruin the casserole. My family is not into green bean casserole, but I really like it, so I would definitely have eaten yours, plastic blob or not. šŸ™‚

  7. Nicole Says:

    That’s #6 plastic!
    Pretty much the same thing Shrinky Dinks are made of!

  8. Eryn Says:

    Oh heck, that made me laugh loud enough to alarm my husband!

  9. DIY Dan Says:

    My wife made the same casserole for thanksgiving this year (and last year)… I didn’t realize that it was so popular!

  10. storybeader Says:

    A friend told me that you shouldn’t microwave with plastic (wrap included) covering the food. At least you didn’t do that! Or did you? LOL

  11. Bella Casa Says:

    LOL, too funny!

    We bought a microwave in the spring…didn’t realize that it was wrapped in plastic til sometime in the summer, I blogged about it…me pulling the plastic off of it…duh! šŸ˜‰

    It works much better now!


  12. Julie Says:

    OH MY! Glad you were able to salvage it!

  13. Sheryl Says:

    Thanks for posting. Mine looks just like yours and I was wondering if we could still eat the casserole. I guess if you lived through it we will too. Never put anything in the oven when talking on the phone. šŸ™‚