Laminate Flooring Update

November 8, 2008

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We’ve had our laminate flooring in our living room for over a year now. It was my first experience installing a laminate floor. I’d bought the ultra-budget-clearance-no-name-brand for a great price, and the color was marvelous. Installing it was an OK experience. It took longer than expected and we had a few bumps along the way (like a slanted, bumpy sub-floor of 150-year old pine). You can read about our experiences with the installation here and here and here.

We put down an area rug in the room.

Laminate 1

Laminate 2

I’m hoping this will protect the flooring somewhat. Since installing, we’ve incurred a few scratches, mostly due to people wearing shoes (tracking in grit) and vacuuming. We no longer vacuum but sweep, and I’m still working on the tracking of grit.

The flooring is, overall, still in good condition. The drier winter weather causes the flooring to shrink a little, which is good. Over the summer, the humidity made the boards swell so much that a few started to buckle (it was barely noticeable but I noticed). We’d left plenty of space around the perimeter of the room as the manufacturer instructed, too, so the swelling was surprising. I think the differences between the bargain brands and the name brands are due in part to how much the boards swell. So if you use the bargain brands, leave a lot more space around the perimeter, even more than is specified in the instructions. Baseboards will cover the gaps.

I really like the color of the flooring. In the winter, when we’re inside all the time, it’s great to have things look cozy as well as be cozy. The flooring color is tawny and warm, very nice.

So so far I am happy with the laminate. It had cost us over $400 for materials for a 15′ x 17′ room. I think it’s been worth it so far.

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6 Responses to “Laminate Flooring Update”

  1. Shinade Says:

    We did the same exact thing last year. And I got so lucky. We went to shop for flooring at various places and then we hit Lowe’s.

    Oh they are infamous here for pricing things wrong. I got Pergo for $28 a box. We did almost a 900 square feet for about $700.

    My husband was in the store the other day and it is selling for almost $70 a box and there is less in each box.

    So we now have about a $3000 floor and we got it for a steal.

    But, I too scratched mine at first with the vacuum. Now we sweep and I use Clorox Ready Mop to clean it.

    I stopped the grit tracking by threatening my husband with his life if he didn’t learn to start to removing his shoes at the front door.

    After all, we did live in Maine for a decade and he always had to take his boots off in the mud room. So what’s the big deal here? He was just tying to be lazy.

    Oh I am so thrilled that you are showing us pictures. Your home is so lovely!!
    Happy Sunday:-)

  2. Luxor Says:

    Your floor looks so goldeny-warm. Were I there, I’d be real careful not to click my claws on it – I’d stick them in that scratching post instead! 🙂

  3. Karen Says:

    It looks so nice. Way to go on doing it yourselves. We sell higher priced laminate in our store and the difference is the finish, which does not scratch, and the cupping of the boards.

  4. Mizé Says:

    Hi. I like this type of floor but the problem is, with time, it´s difficult not to have scratches. The advantages are worthy, it´s warmer and very easy to clean.
    When I had to choose the floor of this flat I prefered ceramic (don´t know how it´s called there), but I already regreted my white floor.
    A Peaceful Sunday. xx

  5. car floor jacks Says:

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