“You Should Own” Interviews Mrs. M!

October 22, 2008

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I’ve been interviewed by a realtor in Cleveland, Ohio, Cecilia Sherrard! She runs the You Should Own website. You can go to the site and read the interview here.

I have been reading the New York Renovator Blog for about a year. The updates are filled with humor and reality. I’ve enjoyed following this blog and the work being done to this home in New York. There are many older homes in the Cleveland, Ohio area, and many people buy these old homes to restore. I’ve witnessed amazing after shots and some of the work is stunning. If you’re thinking about rehabbing a century home, you’ll want to check this blog out even if you just need motivation. Also, make sure you read her tips at the bottom of this article. Yes, it’s long, but I think you’ll enjoy her tips and stories. This is my interview with Mrs. Mecomber who is truly a vibrant and energetic mother and wife. She’s now also… a renovator.

I was absolutely floored when Cecilia approached me for an interview. But she said that Ohioans are experiencing much of the same things we in New York are experiencing: a slow economy, high taxation, loss of manufacturing jobs, a slumpy housing market. Lots of us in the Rust Belt states have been unable to buy spanking-new homes (we’re just too busy buying new homes for our politicians, you know) and renovation has become “new again.”

Restoring older homes is not easy. But it is wasteful to junk an old house if it can be restored, and especially if it is less expensive to restore it than to build new. The population booms and busts have left our towns with cavernous lots full of empty houses, overdeveloped acres, and a mess in suburbia. I am one of many rooting for the new class of renovators here in the Northeast!

Thanks, Cecilia, for graciously sharing your webspace with my answers. 😀

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6 Responses to ““You Should Own” Interviews Mrs. M!”

  1. Susan Helene Gottfried Says:

    Awesome! Congratulations!

  2. Karen Says:

    How cool is that?!! She knows a great blogger when she reads one.

  3. Cecilia Sherrard Says:

    It was a really fun interview and I learned a lot about what you do and your personality. I have to say I like it all. You’re always entertaining and fun to read. I wanted to share your posts and story with my neck of the woods. Thanks Mrs. Mecomber, for taking the time and answering my questions!

  4. Shinade Says:

    I have often wanted to pop in and leave a comment. So today is the day.

    Now you’re probably thinking …oh yea…lucky me right?…LOL!!

    I just wanted to let you know that we have restored two very old houses.

    One in Texas and one in Maine and it was not an easy task on either.

    But it did have it’s rewards when all was complete.

    Now we are in a double wide mobile home, living at the lake….getting prepared to retire.

    No more renovations for us. I do so wish you would share some pictures with us.

    I would love to see what you are doing to the house.;-)

  5. Condo Blues Says:


    I learned my DIY skills first hand when my parents bought their first home – near Cleveland! It was a serious fixer upper I learned a lot by either watching my parents work on projects or by participating in the “come here hold this steady” part of their projects.


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