No Business Like Snow Business

October 28, 2008


We’ve got snow! It’s enough to make us New Yorkers say, “Hmm”; but snow in October is not that unusual in these parts.

October Snow

Nonetheless, the first snowfall of the season does wonders for our motivation. I still have leaf piles all over the lawn, and I stiil haven’t sewn the drapes for the doorways, and… !

When I lived near Oneida Lake, I remember as a kid we had a huge snowstorm (2 feet) one October 31st. Halloween was cancelled that night. šŸ˜€

So now we have snow. The kids say they also heard thunder rumbling. We are keeping an eye on our basement sump pump well, as the snow was preceeded by a tremendous amount of rain. So far, so good– all dry!

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4 Responses to “No Business Like Snow Business”

  1. Lux Says:

    That sure looks pretty, but Mom’s still glad we don’t get too much of that stuff!

  2. Mrs. M Says:

    It is very pretty, Lux. But it is also very expensive! My furnace has been chugging along all day!

  3. Dori Says:

    I love the snow photo. I know what you mean though about having those heating costs. It is definitely winter here already too, without the snow šŸ™‚

  4. chilly Says:

    Hey! No fair! Send me some snow down here. lol

    Hi there! love that photo. šŸ™‚