Cat Scratch Fever

October 25, 2008

Find the Kitty

Our new kitten, Olivia, has more than doubled her size now! She was originally the runt of the litter, and you could hold her in one hand at 8 weeks. She is now quite the two or three handfuls, and her Siamese heritage is starting to show, too. She knows her name, but her most favorite word is “Friskies” (the canned cat food).

She’s also been very cat-like, shredding the nice fabric on one of my lovely wing chairs. I was mulling over buying her a cat scratching post at the store, but they didn’t look very durable and were expensive! So two of the children decided to set aside some time, rumble around in the garage for some materials, and build her a bona fide cat-scratching post! It is entirely made from scrap materials (plywood and some old carpeting remnants) and saved me $20!

Scratch Post 3

In the photo, you can see the leg of the wing chair that I do NOT want her to rip up. It’s a very nice wing chair and has been damaged in the past by previous kitties. :S

It’s obvious she loves her new post! Those razor-sharp kitten claws are amazing.

Scratch Post 1

Here’s a photo I took on “Pets” setting. Yes, she IS a blur these days! Keeps us busy…

Scratch Post 2

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4 Responses to “Cat Scratch Fever”

  1. DaisyMae Maus Says:

    Olivia …
    You look like you’re really enjoyin’ your handmade post. My grammy made us a couple when I was a little one … they stretched to the ceiling an’ had four or five pads goin’ up to the top for danglin’ an’ pouncin’ stuff. I’ll give you a hint: Don’t scratch your momma’s chairs or she’s gonna put a grab on you an’ you’ll hafta do “the bitey” … That won’t go over well.

  2. Ana Says:

    That’s a great scratching post. In fact I was also thinking about making my own post instead of buying those expensive ones in the store. Olivia is such a cutie! 🙂
    Have a great weekend all of you!

  3. Lux Says:

    Wow, Olivia really is growing up – I know you must feel like it’s too fast! She’s so adorable …

    Great idea about the scratching post!


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