Suburban Homesteading

September 28, 2008


So it has a name. The thing I’ve been slowly attempting to do for the past 5-6 years. It’s called “suburban homesteading”! Yeehaw, I have a name! I found this terrific blog, The Little House in the Suburbs, and found someone else who is doing everything I want to do. What a great blog!

But I’m a poor homesteader; I’m more like a wannabee homesteader. I don’t can, I don’t make soap or paper, and, worst of all, we have no chickens! (But I’m still working on convincing the husband about that). I have two fruit trees, a large vegetable garden and am learning about energy conservation and healthy cooking, though! And I am definitely a conserver and not a consumer. And Little House in the Suburbs says that this lifestyle is COOL right now. Well, well!

I found a book in her Amazon library list, and it looks great. It’s called “How to Survive without a Salary” by Charles Long. It looks like a good book.

Being chained to a salary is probably the biggest obstacle to my homesteading adventure. We are in debt, and I feel we are slaves to our salaries. We must work to pay off the debt, and all the while, that time spent working keeps us from renovating the house and from building a small farm off which to live. Right now, we can’t break out of the cycle.

So I’m going to get the book. And like the good conserver that I am, I’m not going to buy it. I’m going to borrow it. It’s available through my local library system, and should be here in a few days. šŸ˜€

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5 Responses to “Suburban Homesteading”

  1. Tomato Lady & Ivory Soap Says:

    Wow! You are a peach! We are so thrilled you found your niche! (We were, too!)

    Thanks for the lovely mention and come on over anytime and hang out. We know we will be back here.

    P.S.: I know I’ve said it before but your header is the most hilarious thing in the blogosphere.

  2. Rich Dansereau Says:

    I moved from suburban Atlanta in may to a more rural Knoxville, Tennessee suburb. One of the first things I did was build a large vegetable garden, flower garden, and chicken pen. As I love to garden (everything I grow is organic), I was very happy with the wonderful veggies I got all summer and continue to get. I replaced my spent summer veggies with my fall veggies, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower about two weeks ago. The chickens have gotten huge and should start laying in October/November. For about the past month, I have been stewing and freezing tomatoes and slicing and freezing peppers and okra. I love that I have bought no veggies all summer and will have to buy only sparse veggies all winter. If that is a pic of your garden, it looks awesome. I am sure you will achieve your goal if you really want it.

    BTW, I have a full time job, but I work from home which makes it easier; telecommuting is a great thing!

  3. Suburban Survivalist Says:

    I’m glad you found your nich. If you are looking at more than just suburban gardening, can I recommend the Suburban Survivalist blog can be a great resource as well.

  4. Dwain Says:

    Welcome to the Suburban Homesteading family… we’ve been surprised at how fast this community has grown. Probably because we’re all broke.

    Best wishes

    • Mrs. Mecomber Says:

      Hi, Dwain! Thanks for your comment. Yeah, you’re probably right– the movement is becoming stronger because we’re all broke! And I am sick of the corruption of our food industry and etc. All the best. šŸ™‚