The Home Chopping Network

August 29, 2008


ROFL! Yes, this guy IS for real. It’s Mucho Muy Caliente! It’s Muchos Fantastic!! He sells home products, specifically, toilet bidets. All kinds of bidets: installed bidets, portable bidets (?), bidet parts… arriba! Let’s all be grateful he doesn’t give demonstrations…. lol

This guy is for real because he really does sell home products. And he donates 10% of his profits to orphans. The video is a little thick with the Mexican accent, but the guy is really funny (and I confess that I talk that thickly when I imitate the accent, as well)! I hope he succeeds in what he does, it’s for a good cause. So… if you ever need a toilet bidet, see Mucho and the Home Chopping Network. He’s muy fantastico!

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