The Cranky Yankee

August 29, 2008


Hahahah. I am not referring to myself there. I discovered a series of videos called The Old Crankee Workshop, which is of course, a spoof on Norm Abrams’ The Old Yankee Workshop. LOL!!! Here’s Nahm (Norm, in a Yankee accent) to tell you how these projects makes him cranky.

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One Response to “The Cranky Yankee”

  1. The Historian (Ms. Mecomber) Says:

    HA! That’s funny!

    Did you know that there is actually a guy who goes around the country, impersonating men like John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, and Calvin Coolidge, in a presentation he calls “Cranky Yankees”? šŸ˜€
    His website is here: