It’s All Your Fault, You Pigs!!

July 28, 2008


I didn’t say that! Gordon Brown from the UK said that, for all intents and purposes! As supermarket prices spiral Brown tells families: ‘Stop wasting food’

Gordon Brown called for prudence in the kitchen last night, telling us not to throw away so much food.

With prices soaring, he suggested we could save up to £8 a week by making our shopping go further.

Waste could be reduced by simple steps such as storing fruit and vegetables in the fridge to make them last longer.

What jerks, as if WE are to blame for the global recession! It’s the fault of you greedy politicians! And they talk to us like we are stupid children. Don’t waste that precious £8 a week! Not while governments are squandering 10,000,000 times more than that! Sheesh!


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