Freedom Gardeners

July 22, 2008


Remember me blogging about the Victory Gardens of World War II? There’s something similar still going on! I found this– — while surfing around. It’s an online community of gardeners who are dedicated to detaching their families from the factory-produced produce and growing their own food.

The urban homesteaders at Path to Freedom have been digging their way to freedom since the early 1990s. Alarmed that corporations were introducing genetically modified organisms into the food supply, once-ordinary gardener, Jules Dervaes, took a stand at the “Alamo” of his backyard in 2001. Determined to grow as much food as he could for his family’s table, he and his adult children proceeded to plant fanatically to the four corners of their small world, using all available space—both high and low.

After the first year of gardening fulltime, they were shocked by the final tally. The harvest came in at over 2,300 pounds! By 2003, the year’s total mushroomed to an amazing three tons of produce from their 1/5 acre residential lot.

You can sign up to join. I am seeing more and more urbanites joining this group and others like it. Cool!

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One Response to “Freedom Gardeners”

  1. mommyandmeboutique Says:

    Quite interesting. I have a friend who has a large family, large garden, home schools. She is trying to encourage me to start a garden, even if it is on a very, very small scale. I am seriously thinking about it….. but, only, very, very small.