Adirondack Red Potatoes

July 29, 2008


My firstfruits are in! I gave these to my church as a tithe. Look at how beautiful they are!

Adirondack Reds


The potatoes are Adirondack Reds. It is my first year with them; it’s my first year with seed potatoes, actually. I bought these from Johnny’s Selected Seeds online. In years past, I just used store-bought eating potatoes, let them develop eyes, and plugged them in the ground. This year I just wanted to try seed potatoes. They are coming up beautifully.

The skins are very thin– even a moderate scrubbing will peel them off. I like eating potato skins, so I am careful when I scrub. These potatoes are also a little heavier– more dense– than the regular white potatoes I buy at the grocery store. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into them!

About potato growing– this year I was smart and made distinctive rows. I planted the potatoes closer together than recommended. After plugging in the potato quarters, I poured a layer of peat moss over the bed. I used peat as a mulch (it is very effective) for the growing season. Next year I will roto-till it in the soil, added with my compost. The plants just love this method.

I also heaped up mounds of soil around the potato plants when they grew to 8 inches. This encourages horizontal root growth and makes it much easier to dig for the potatoes. In times past, I had to basically uproot the plant and dig down into the hard ground to get my potatoes. Now, I just plunge my fingers into the peat and pluck what I need.

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8 Responses to “Adirondack Red Potatoes”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Those potatoes look delicious! I wish I was a gardener, I can’t even get flowers to grow in pots!

  2. GaFarmWomanPam Says:

    The red potatoes look beautiful. Most of the time I would save the store bought ones and use for planting,too. It was a lot cheaper. This year is was so hot so early the potatoes didn’t make very well here.
    I haven’t heard about rubbing a raw pototoe on for acne. A lot of home remedies work wonders though.
    Have a great day!

  3. Ann Harrison Says:

    I found you through EntreCard surfing.
    What a beautiful garden you have. I actually made a little OneTrueMedia video a couple of days ago asking for people to identify the blooms of my vegetables that are growing.
    (No one has figured them out yet!)

  4. My Bug Life Says:

    wow..lovely red potatoes! I have never tried these before.

  5. Atniz Says:

    I never seen a red potato in my life. Thanks for sharing this. I just showed it to my mum and husband. They are shocked too.

  6. Mamaflo Says:

    Very interesting! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a potato that was reddish inside………how did it taste, what was the consistency like?

  7. Ellen Says:

    You little gardener!!! I’m so impressed. I’ve never seen a red potato with a red inside. The red potatoes we eat down here called “red potatoes” but they certainly are not red on the inside. hmmmmm Let us know how they taste!

  8. Judy Says:

    I just harvested a hill of potatoes (no I didn’t label the 16 hill so it’s a surprise) anyway they are red and when I cut them they are red inside as well. I searched on line to see if they we ok to eat and your red pototoes came up. Thanks for posting the article now I can eat my homefries. They are beautiful potatoes.
    Thanks Judy