A Job For the Blinds

July 30, 2008


Needing new custom blinds for your windows? I have recently had to replace some of my old ones. I am no longer buying those cheapo Chinese-made WalMart vinyl blinds. They crack at the slightest pressure, and it’s quite a chore searching for blinds that will fit my 150-year old windows.

Here’s a solution: nobrainerblinds.com ! I love the title, lol! The site has a terrific tutorial for those of us who are, to put it gently, measurement-challenged. These blinds are a breeze to order, to install, and they are custom-made to perfectly fit your window and decor style. They offer free samples, too, so you can check out the blinds before you buy. Best of all, they have a plethora of tips, advice, and installation guides to help you get and install the best-looking blinds. I love the wood styles. Check them out and toss out those cheapo plastic things! They’re ugly, anyway!


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