Paint– the Miracle Stuff

June 29, 2008


I love paint! When I first moved to this house, the walls, trim, and even parts of the floors had all been painted white. Talk about ugly! So that was the first thing I did, paint everything and add some color.  I added some bright colors to my walls and trim and spruced up the place very inexpensively (as compared to a gut-and-remodel). I even tried some painting techniques on some walls– lightly sponging diluted white paint onto yellow walls; blotching greens and reds for a different room.

Paint can save a ton of money, and it’s the least expensive decorating activity I know. but it’ll put a dent in the decor budget! So I’m always looking for cute new ideas to tide me over until I can get new walls, lol.


6 Responses to “Paint– the Miracle Stuff”

  1. Irish Mom Says:

    I think its cute!! Don’t know if I can doodle that creatively, but I am off to check out the site!!

  2. Corina Says:

    How fun…. We just moved in as well to all white walls. We added color to all rooms except the bathroom and kitchen so far. I haven’t figured what I wanted to do in there. This website might help. Thanks

  3. Jeannine Says:

    That would be so nice on walls adds character.

  4. Nona Says:

    That is simply adorable.

  5. Jena Isle Says:

    if you painted that picture then I would like to be painted too..(grins) ..It is a pretty painting…Thanks for sharing.

  6. Fida Abbott Says:

    It is beautiful!!!