Past Accomplishments

January 4, 2008


The winter months are a good time to sit back and reflect on your previous work. Maybe even brag about it, a little. I thought I’d post some previous accomplishments that I haven’t mentioned here. These projects were begun shortly after we moved to the house (a decade now). I was not only new at home ownership (or, as some like to say, home moanership) but at home improvement as well.

One of the first things we did (interior) was gut the Entry Hall. The original Entry Hall was u-g-a-l-y. White paint was slathered over everything; the door, the sidelight windows, the trim, the walls, everything. A tiny little ceiling light barely illuminated the guests walking in. Ickky gray indoor/outdoor carpeting was on the floor (the same carpeting that is still in the Dining Room).

I tried stripping the paint, but it was a terribly dirty job and I discovered that the wood was just white fir anyway. So I ripped out everything. I didn’t know much about electric back then.. heh heh. I also didn’t know to not trust the previous owner’s labeling of the wiring. Let’s just say that those cable cutters with plastic handles are the greatest tools I’ve ever used. Saved my life. Since then, I check and double-check everything, and do not trust anything to be correctly labeled here.

So I lived to install the sheetrock, wallpaper, wainscoting, trim… it was a lot of work for someone who knew so little about remodeling. And we didn’t have the Internet then, so it was just me and Reader’s Digest how-to books.

Overall, it didn’t turn out too bad. Of course, it’s unfinished, and there are a few things I’d re-do if I knew now what I knew then.

We kept with the Greek Revival theme by keeping the pediments triangular and the trim elegant. I bought the pre-routed fluted trim.

I stained everything. Stained wood is not true to the Greek Revival, but I couldn’t bear to paint over that beautiful natural wood. Perhaps in the future I’ll paint over it, when I tire of it. It’s just pine, anyway.

To the critical eye, it’s obvious we’re not done in here. I haven’t installed the crown moulding, nor the ceiling light. I’m waiting for the electrical work to be done in the Dining Room before I rig up the light in here. I am glad I never installed the crown moulding, because I had to break through the sheetrock in the ceiling to remove some loose and live old wiring. ‘Twas a blessing in disguise.

After wallpapering this room, our Dining Room ceiling, and our upstairs hallway, I’d grown tired of installing wallpaper. However, my upstairs bathroom needed a new look, and I wanted to repeat the striped look that worked so well in our Entry. But I didn’t want to purchase and install more wallpaper. In my next post about this, I’ll tell you how I solved it!

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2 Responses to “Past Accomplishments”

  1. hh Says:

    Home-moanership! LOL Hey I love your new header!

  2. Mrs Mecomber Says:


    Yeah, I heard a home inspector use the term. Funny!