Nothing More Than Ceilings…

December 27, 2007


I am betraying my age a little with that title. It’s a terrible spoof of an old Eric Carmen song that seemed it be in every TV satire skit of the 80s.


My son had his birthday party recently, in the Dining Room. I love my Dining Room (even though it’s not remodeled yet), but it does have some major design challenges. It is a “tween” room: that is, it is between the Kitchen and stairway to the upstairs. It is also the only way to get to the garage (in the back of the house) from the inside of the house. And it is a way to get to the Front Entry Hall. And it is the only way to get to the downstairs bathroom (an ickky little room that was formerly a closet). And it is the only way to get to the Basement. My Dining Room is a “tween” room. Thus, it has FIVE doorways, plus another doorway leading to a small coat closet. And FOUR windows. It has almost no wall space.

I’ve tried to “ground” the room by painting the walls a deep red. I love the color. The old trim in the room is painted glossy white. The floor still has the old gray indoor/outdoor carpeting that was here when we ought the place. I won’t make you sick by describing what the room looked like when we bought the house– just painting the walls has made it much more tolerable.

The ceiling was covered by that junky, 70s-style cardboard drop-ceiling stuff. It’s in 1-foot squares. This makes it very easy to determine the square footage of the room– I just counted those squares!

But I hate drop ceilings, I hate cardboard on my ceiling–this room is a disaster. Eventually we will gut this room (well, it’s half-gutted already due to my electrical wiring work in process) and do it right. For now, I have to be content with the pretty red walls and glossy white trim. I also did something unique to my ceiling a few years ago. It helps me cope with that cardboard ceiling stuff. We wallpapered the ceiling.

I had found this amazing textured wallpaper about the same time I had discovered the old tin ceiling in the garage. I got the bright idea of papering the ceiling! It would cover the cardboard tiles that I hate so much. Here are a few pictures.

Ceiling 1

Ceiling 2

The wallpaper has been up for a good six years now, and it’s still sticking (even with all the bouncing from the floors above it). I painted the ceiling the lightest pink, to give a warm radiance in a very chilly room. The room is about 250 square feet, and it has two tiny little heater vents and a huge cold air return vent. That, combined with all the doors and windows, and the fact that this is the north side of the house, it’s mighty chilly in here. I close it off during the day because it makes the rest of the house so cold. We eat dinner very rapidly in here!

My point in describing it is to show that creativity can go a long way in making a room tolerable until you can restore it. You’ll see in the pictures that I have Christmas garland at the crown of the wall. I don’t have crown moulding for the room yet (not until I gut it), and the wallpaper seam looked awful there after its installation. Garland is a little tacky but it is not tackier than the wallpaper seam showing! Overall, it gives a festive look with something that would otherwise be driving me crazy.

Textured wallpaper is hard to find at home improvement stores, but you can order it through them, or order it online. It works!

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