Moving In

September 12, 2007

interior work

The laminate floor is installed. Of course, there are small spots and some touch-ups to do yet (install t-moulding, threshholds, etc). But the bulk of the floor is done! So, we moved in our furniture and unpacked our books. The room hasn’t been this clean in three months.

Those little blocks all around the room are laminate flooring spacers. Laminate floor is a “floating floor,” which means it sits– all interlocked together– on the subfloor but not attached to it. It is important to leave spaces all around the perimeter of the room. The laminate expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. If it does not have sufficient space to do so, the laminate will buckle.

I love the look of laminate. Walking on laminate is a luxurious experience, too– it is cushiony, since it sits on a foam underlayment. It is amazing to clean, too.

However, laminate scratches easily. Already I have found a few scratches, even though we have been very, very careful with furniture moving. I will have to invest in a laminate repair kit. We do intend to lay an area rug down. I also have to sew curtains (we are using old miniblinds right now, yuk).

There is no baseboard or window trim yet. I have to redo door jambs on the two doors first, then I will install the trim, a little at a time.

So there are a lot of loose ends! But it is wonderful to have my Living Room back. It is wonderful to have an organized desk with my printer and my pencils back. My ethernet cabling works fine, too. What a relief! Since installing that was so easy, I may install it in other rooms as well (when we get to them).

I am exhausted! The weeks of intense activity have tuckered me out! So we are taking a break from work today, before I continue with moulding installation and more rewiring (we are still without electricity in the upstairs Bathroom, the Hallway, and the Laundry Room).

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