Things Looking Brighter

August 9, 2007


I’ve had some good conversations with some electrical inspectors today and yesterday. I guess one could say things are looking “brighter.” They’ve helped clear up some problems I had, and they’ve been very patient with my constant streams of questions.

I have finished wiring the Living Room and the girls’ bedroom. I am thrilled! I have yet to install the switches, receptacles, etc. But all holes are drilled, all plaster is punched out, all wires are strung! Oh joy!

Because of that mouse-chewed wire, I now have to rewire the Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Room, and Dining Room light. I realized tonight that of the entire house, only two rooms have its ceiling lights operational– the boys’ bedroom and the small half-bath downstairs. Ugh. Three room’s lights died long ago, and we’ve had problems with two others– we’ve merely tolerated it thus far. But since the collapse of the remaining, I am out of lamps!

Also, a new development has arisen in which I discovered a live wire hanging from the Living Room ceiling. Lord knows how long it was there, encased in the plaster and lathe until I uncovered it. It is the old knob-and tube wiring from the early 1900s, just buzzing away freely.

bad wire

I discovered it when I scoped the area using a nifty new volt tester (they make a sound when they pick up energy).

The Lord is looking out for us, no doubt about it. This dangling wire is right under my daughter’s bed.

This wire is somehow connected to the same circuit as the other half of the house– the half I thought I wouldn’t have to rewire… but now looks like I must. Sigh. The only way to disconnect it (that I know of, so far) is to turn off that circuit. The wire goes willy-nilly around the Living Room ceiling and then disappears into the murky abyss between the floors and behind the stairwell. This tenuous system of aged electricity is falling down around me. Oh well. It is high time we redid it. One hundred years is long enough, wouldn’t you say?

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